A Whole School Approach



Physical, Social, Health, and Economic Education (PSHEE) provides opportunities for students to develop skills such as perseverance, resilience, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, self-management, team work, locus of control, time and stress management.


Students with greater emotional, behavioural, social, and school well-being had higher attainment and were more engaged (Gutman & Vorhaus, 2012).


PSHEE will be taught through five enrichment days over the year, each addressing various areas of the PSHE curriculum, SMSC, British Values and human rights. Three main three main themes will be explored: health and wellbeing, relationships and living in the wider world.

The PSHE curriculum is not taught in vacuum, whole school assemblies and form time activities introduce ideas and follow up on topics covered in our enrichment days. In addition, the themes are embedded across the curriculum wherever it is relevant to promote the characters and values as well as skills acquired within the classroom. 

Our behaviour policy and management reflect the practice of taught virtues, how students must respect each others’ rights and be empowered to demand their own rights. Staff encourage students to apply taught principles and ideas in their everyday life, whether in school or outside, including charitable activities, conflict resolution between peers, managing expectations, planning and target setting for their future and their role in the wider community.

Delivery of our PSHE curriculum

The enrichment days will be planned on a 5 year cycle, to ensure students cover all aspects of the curriculum with a regular review and overlap.

Overview of Enrichment Days



Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5







Being a safe & healthy for oneself and others



Helping others 

Ethical consumption 



To treat and be treated with respect in school & society

Saving for the future 


Good sense 

Why good people do bad things 

Natural world 

Mental health 

 Managing stress and pressure & expectations


Good speech 

Good temper 



Caring for your body 

 Making healthy choices

Working together 




Supporting others 


Mental and spiritual Wellness


Respectful Relationships – Positive and healthy relationships

FM v Arranged

Respectful Relationships – Trust, Respect and Trust. (Stereotypes)Respectful Relationships –Equality (UNCRC) Respectful Relationships – violence and Criminal behaviour in relationshipsRespectful Relationships – Sexual Harassment
FebCitizenshipGlobal Citizen: Diversity and tolerance

Global Citizen: Democracy and Law


Global Citizen & E-safety

Global Citizen:  Environment

Global Citizen: Disability Awareness

AprHealth and Hygiene

First aid.

Physical health and hygiene

First aid.

Drugs and alcohol, Mental Health

First aid.

Online exposure: Misinformation and cyber crime

First aid.


First aid.

Menses & Female health



Barclays Life Skills 

Barclays Life Skills

Barclays Life Skills Barclays Life Skills Barclays Life Skills 

Enrichment days: character education, relationships, bullying, rights, physical and mental health, nutrition, First Aid, careers, work skills and money skill.

Assemblies: Votes for Schools curriculum, Islamic events, International days, current affairs and school events.

Form activities: Votes for Schools, Be Internet Citizen programme, Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) and academic coaching.

Extra-curricular: clubs, trips, workshops, careers day (fayre), international days, charitable activities and appeals and student led brunch clubs.

Cross-curricular: PSHEE, SMSC, British Values and safeguarding taught across the curriculum, cross-curricular trips, Ramadan and Hajj projects, poetry and creative writing competitions.