Ramadan Mubarak

May Allah grant us all the blessings of Ramadan. At HKKGS, Ramadan is a very special month. Her is a taste of what we will be doing this Ramadan, the month of giving and charity, the month of fasting and patience and the month of […]

NHS Academy Development

Our Headteacher joined more than 80 educationalist and NHS colleagues at Aston University Engineering Academy. The workshop was held with key NHS staff and educators to co-produce offers with the NHS/educators for young people in Birmingham to achieve the following: Career exposure/aspiration Health messaging based […]

Urgent Appeal

Alhamdullilah, we have an opportunity to purchase the land and school building for a very reasonable price. We have until the end of the summer to raise £430,000, which is where YOU come in. Since opening our doors 10 years ago, more than 400 students […]

Summer Fair

Jon us on Saturday 15th July 2023, 10 am to 6 pm. To book a stall, call 0121 7737496 or email us on admin@hkkg.bham.sch.uk Venue: Hazrat Khadijatul Kubra Girls School, 18 Dixon Road, B10 0BP We look forward to welcoming the local community and neighbours […]

GCSE Examinations

We wish all our students success in their exams. We pray that Allah grants them peace, patience and focus during these difficult time. We encourage our students to utilise the support offered during this month. Our doors are open and we hope to be able […]

Cyber Choices Challenge

We are extremely proud of our year 8 student, Imani Choudhry, who is the 2023 regional (WM) winner of the National Crime Agency’s Cyber Choices Challenge. She was presented with a certificate and £100 Amazon voucher by the WM police, for her impressive achievement. This […]

Enrichment Day 3

Our pupils explored topics of mental health and physical health, tested their fitness, and discussed drugs and vaping. The year 10s made colourful stress balls and our resident Dietician, Mrs Abdel-Moein ran engaging workshops. All the year groups completed First-Aid sessions, including, sessions on allergy, […]

Science Week 2023

The theme of this year’s British Science Week is Connections. Here are some interesting activities our student will, inshallah, be involved in: Connections between food and climate change http://bsa.sc/YouTube-Take-a-bite-out-of-climate-change How we are connected to the ocean https://www.msc.org/uk/education/video-my-dad-the-fisherman?utm_source=website&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=bsw_23-uk&utm_content=dad_fisherman_video Build your own Barometer (Home activity) Poster competition […]