Alhamdullilah, we have an opportunity to purchase the land and school building for a very reasonable price.

We have until the end of the summer to raise £430,000, which is where YOU come in.

Since opening our doors 10 years ago, more than 400 students have benefited from our Islamic school. 

In a time where several Islamic schools have closed, securing the future for Islamic schools is needed more than ever.

If each household would pledge £1500 to fundraise by the end of the school term, we would raise £180,000. This would go a long way toward securing the necessary funds.

 Imagine the reward of facilitating the teaching of a verse of the Quran, understanding of one Hadith of our beloved prophet peace be upon him and inspiring the next generation of educators, healers, artists, writers and scholars. 

Help us grow our school so that we can continue to serve our community. 

 Our fees are some the lowest among independent faith schools but we are among the highest performing Islamic girls school, with 95% of our students achieving grades 9-4 in English and Mathematics and 86% achieving grades 9-5.

Check out our Instagram posts for updates on our fundraising, and the great things our staff and students are doing. 

If you are based in Birmingham, join our big fundraiser and summer Fair on 15th July, 10 am to 6 pm at 18 Dixon Road, B100BP, Birmingham.

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